First Day of School FAQs 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a new kindergarten family expect on the first morning of school?

Your child will be met by staff at the picnic tables, just inside the main school gate on McKinley Street. There your child will be signed in and directed to his or her temporary classroom. Parents should walk with students to their classrooms. Teachers will have the students join together in saying goodbye to all the parents after the first 10 or 15 minutes in the classroom. During the first 15 minutes in class, you will be asked to fill out a temporary after-school plan for your child. Parents are then invited to attend the First Day of School Tea in the Library on the basement level of the school.

What should new student who are older than kindergarten expect on the first day of school?

On Friday, Aug. 24th, families with children in 1st through 5th grades should attend Registration Day to find out their classroom assignments and fill out paperwork. On the first day of school, Monday, Aug. 27, 1st through 5th graders will line up with their teachers on the playground blacktop. Afternoon dismissal times for Grades 1-5 is 2:25pm (Wed: 1:30).

How can my child eat school lunch on the fist day of school?

  • School lunch costs $4 per day. Children may bring cash to school in an envelope or Ziploc bag with their name and room number on it. If your child will be eating school lunch frequently, you may pay the lunch teacher for a specific amount of lunches, or you may purchase lunches in advance through Lunchroom staff members understand that new students, especially kindergarteners, may need help figuring out the system and will make sure that everyone is fed.

What is "balanced beginners for kindergartners?

Kindergartners will remain with the same group of children and in the same classroom for the first three days of school while the kindergarten teachers rotate through each classroom. Each teacher will have an opportunity to meet all of our new kindergartners. On Wednesday evening, the teachers will meet and create the permanent kindergarten classes for the year. They work hard to create classes that will work and learn well together. The lists of students with permanent teacher assignments will be posted by Thursday morning, Aug. 30 in the main hallway. The next school day (Friday), your child will line up with their new kindergarten class on the playground with the rest of the school.

Where do I pick up my kindergartner during the first week of school?

The first 3 days of school, kindergarten students will be escorted to the main gates on McKinley Street, where they can be picked up at 1:10pm. Make sure to let the teacher know when you pick up your child. If your child rides the school bus, they will be escorted to the bus. On Thursday and Friday, kindergartners will be released at the regular time of 1:30pm.