School Site Committee

Wondering what the School Site Committee (SSC) does? Come on by and see! All our meetings are open to the entire Washington community, and attending is a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at Washington’s funding and programming.

We meet the first Monday of the month from 6-8pm in the library. Childcare is provided. You can find meeting dates on Washington’s school calendar.

What does the SSC do?

The role of the SSC is to plan and review the expenditures of site funds that come from both state and local (Berkeley Schools Excellence Program, or BSEP) sources. Specifically, that means we:

  • Dig into data on student achievement, services, safety, and more

  • Survey the school community – students, teachers, families – to identify needs and priorities

  • Collaborate to develop and adopt the School Plan for the following school year

Who makes up the SSC?

The SSC is made up of parents, teachers, staff, and the principal. Parents are elected each fall by the school community. Our meetings are public and all are welcome.

What kind of time commitment is required?

The SSC generally meets once a month. Every member also participates in subcomittees, and they meet a few times a year. The meetings run for approximately two hours. Generally, SSC members serve two consecutive school years.

Why does the SSC need me?

Research has demonstrated that the most effective site councils, the ones that have the most positive impact on both school climate and student achievement, are diverse and representative of the whole community. So we need you and your perspective to be effective.

Can I get training to be an effective SSC member?

Absolutely. Each fall, the BSEP office provides training to the BUSD school councils, offering workshops such as how to use data to inform decisions.

So, I'm interested; what do I do next?

Elections will be held in the fall, but we welcome you to come to any meeting to get a sense of what we do! You can just come — no need to arrange ahead of time.