Enrichment Programs

Washington offers a diverse set of academic, enrichment, and social/emotional learning (SEL) opportunities for each and every student to help ensure a well-rounded development.


Our programs are funded by a combination of BSEP (Berkeley Schools Excellence Project) measure money, PTA fundraising, and special grants, and include:

  • Art (all grades)
  • Computers (upper grades)
  • Drama (all grades)
  • Drumming (lower grades)
  • Gardening (all grades)
  • Hip hop/dance (upper grades)
  • Library (all grades)
  • Movement (lower grades)
  • Music (all grades; fourth and fifth learn band or orchestra instrument)
  • PE (all grades)
  • Science (most grades)

Students also participate in field trips (ranging from Berkeley High performances to a train trip to Sacramento), cultural assemblies, and class parties to celebrate learning milestones.


We focus on the social/emotional development of children through an integrated approach that spans all six years and uses positive reinforcement (ask students if they’ve received a “Way to Bee” ticket for good behavior!), class meetings, cross-grade buddy classes, and conflict resolution.