Because of strong academic growth for all racial and cultural student groups, Washington has been recognized with the Title I Academic Achievement Award. Many of our teachers have won Prudential Teaching Awards for excellence and are trained in GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design), allowing them more skills to challenge every student at all levels.


 Katia Hazen    Principal

Katia Hazen 


 Desaree (Desi) Green   School Admin Assistant

Desaree (Desi) Green

School Admin Assistant



 Ashleigh Talbott   Room 110

Ashleigh Talbott

Room 110

 Denisia Wash   Room 106

Denisia Wash

Room 106

 Hannah Kessel   Room 112

Hannah Kessel

Room 112


First Grade

 Marie-Eve Thomaes   Room 102   

Marie-Eve Thomaes

Room 102

 Jamie Davidson   Room 212

Jamie Davidson

Room 212

 Melissa Jagger   Room 102

Melissa Jagger

Room 102


Second Grade

 Luba Hankcock   Room B2

Luba Hankcock

Room B2

 John Tubbs   Room 110

John Tubbs

Room 110

 Ted Watson   Room B3

Ted Watson

Room B3

 Jodi Hardy   Room 108

Jodi Hardy

Room 108


 Mindy Geminder   Room 204

Mindy Geminder

Room 204

 Hilary Mitchell   Room B6

Hilary Mitchell

Room B6

 Lelia Clark-Riddell   Room B7

Lelia Clark-Riddell

Room B7

 Janine Waddell   Room 104

Janine Waddell

Room 104


 Oscar Zarate   Room B1

Oscar Zarate

Room B1

 Ja'Mein Sanchez   Room B5

Ja'Mein Sanchez

Room B5

 Dawn Bail   Room 211

Dawn Bail

Room 211



 Bruce Glaseroff   Room 200

Bruce Glaseroff

Room 200

 Laura Jokela    Room 208

Laura Jokela 

Room 208

 Kristen Kelly   Room 208

Kristen Kelly

Room 208

 Annelisa Hedgecock   Room 210

Annelisa Hedgecock

Room 210


 Don Areola-Burl

Don Areola-Burl

 Tom Fairchild   1st-3rd PE Prep

Tom Fairchild

1st-3rd PE Prep


Family EnGagement

 Carol Perez

Carol Perez



 Suzy Mead

Suzy Mead

 Emily Hawkins   ELD

Emily Hawkins



Special Education

 Laura Takao

Laura Takao

 Hillary Trainor

Hillary Trainor



 Kim Syer   Library

Kim Syer


 Wendy Whiting   Room 206   

Wendy Whiting

Room 206

 Stephanie Diamond   Room 206   

Stephanie Diamond

Room 206

 Sacha Moustakas   Room 206   

Sacha Moustakas

Room 206



 Abigail Paske   Room 1

Abigail Paske

Room 1